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In 2023, we are planning
Cookie & Muffin litter

       Our canine friends are born in our home and stay there throughout their puppyhood. So they are familiar with everyday household noises, they are hugged and stroked every day, and when their age allows it, they play in the garden with other adult dogs, learn to keep clean, and also and above all, learn proper behavior in the human and canine herd.

       The socialization of puppies is crucial to us, so we regularly expose them to various stimuli and sounds of everyday life, street traffic, so that all these sounds become everyday life for them. We also teach them to calmly undergo daily care (combing, toileting ears and eyes, trimming claws), and they appreciate contact with every human being.

Our puppies leave home:

- regularly dewormed

- fully vaccinated

- with a valid health booklet

- registered in ZKwP (FCI)

- with a sales agreement

- a layette for puppies

- a blanket with the smell of siblings and mother.

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