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About Us

Welcome to our world, a world full of canine friends. We have been dog lovers for many generations, and dogs have always accompanied us as family members. In addition, we are globetrotters, love exploring the world, and cannot sit still. Therefore, it is natural that dogs also accompany us in all our travels and activities.

At various stages of our lives, we were accompanied by representatives of various breeds: Rottweilers with a big loving heart, guarding and athletic German Pinschers, aristocratic and beautiful Gordon Setters, and there was also a PON.


Our hearts, however, have been captured by the fabulous American Miniature Shepherds (MAS), amazing dogs with a fantastic temperament, loving the whole world and perfectly fitting into our active lifestyle.

We pay special attention to the continuation of the best American bloodlines and the perfect socialization of our pupils. We want our beautiful puppies' tiny and healthy bodies always to have a wonderful temperament and love for people.

Cookie (6 months old) in Prague,
the Charles Bridge
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